4 Responses to “5 Misconceptions About Female Led Relationships

  • Informative article indeed. What I humbly and respectfully – as a submissive male – would add to the article content is that the dominant role of the Goddess in a FLR should not be underestimated. Any relationship [including a FLR] will experience difficulties, partner resistance, partner differences and times of general turmoil – during these challenges the Goddess will have to exert Her authority and dominance even if it might imply disciplining and reorienting Her submissive male partner. In the process She might be inclined to punish, humiliate and rectify his behaviour in no uncertain terms!

    Fact is … WE/we will surely be naïve if WE/we accept that even a FLR will be without relationship challenges and hiccups.

  • I am glad I found you site ! Have you wrote any books on your teachings and if so how can I get them ?

  • I will respectfully disagree that a FLR isn’t a power exchange relationship. It is a power exchange relationship because she is in charge of and leads the relationship.

    Just as author of this article, I am not a believer in Female Supremacy either. I do not believe ones gender make any gender inherently superior or inferior. It makes great porn fantasy and supports big $$$ industry.

    Where I see the main difference with an FLR compared to a D/s or M/s is an FLR involves romantic/loving relationship as part of definition. Whereas in D/s or M/s, romantic/love is not required for the dynamic, although there are many who do involve romantic endeavors.

    Kink is NEVER the main point or focus of ANY power exchange relationship: D/s, M/s or FLR.

    I’m involved in my local BDSM community via FetLife and try to educate the new submissive men coming in. I like using the term FLR as oppose to femdom or other terms due to the negative images of the later term. All too often, we have new men entering our community thinking they are “submissive” and it’s all about the kink, play, or sex. Thank you porn industry!!!

    Whereas, if I use the term FLR, I find that I can better educate them. FL = female led, thus power exchange where the woman is in charge and leads. R = relationship, so it’s not about the man getting his rocks off via kink, play, or sex.

  • I think the porn industry is goin to kill the FLR idea as thought up,no doubt by our leading feministsIt all seems pernicious abuse and must shorten the victims life by a few years.God alone knows what sort of men put up with it but one things for sure,it has to be a major concern for those who wish our race to continue

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