7 Responses to “7 Reasons You Should Not Give Him Your Phone Number

  • This is good advice for the ladies. Men that need to be rescued and play that game are manipulating scum, losers, and the bottom of the barrel. I don’t understand why so many women fall for that type. I feel that women should take control of their relationships! The proper way to weed these men out, is to require a man to wear a chastity device for the first 26 weeks of a relationship. I am serious. If won’t do this, then he is not serious and not committed. Women need to understand the power that they truly have, and understand that most of the time, they hold most of the cards.

    • I think that is too much. Do not come back here sharing your kinks and making it seem as though they are necessary for a man to respect a woman!

      I would never require a man to do anything like that. To me, that’s a male fantasy. If I met a man and he was eager for me to make him wear a chastity device I would not respect him. If he needs to be sexually controlled, I (personally) am not interested. I do not want to control a man’s choices, I want to allow him to honor my wishes and serve me willingly. I would be pissed if my sons allowed a woman to treat them the way you describe.

      • Not Always a ” Kink” yes for some men it may very well be but a having a conversation & common sense will let ANY women know if it is his ” kink” or he wants to prove himself. Not having sex with a man untill you are ready is a form of make chastity within its self.

        • The topic of sexual chastity should not even be raised unless it is a concern of hers. A man should not bring this up at all. If he does, then it is his kink.

  • I think I’ve done fairly well on these 7 categories over the years, I know I’ve definitely never mentioned God within 5 minutes of meeting a woman and sob stories tend to make my eyes glaze over so I can imagine how boring they would be for her. Actually, I never did ask my Goddess for her phone number, she gave it to me when she felt confident I could be trusted with it. She later said she appreciated that. I think we both instinctively understood early on that if we were going to build a FLR then the fine detail was important. I suppose many people would feel that asking a woman for her phone number wasn’t a big deal, but in the context of a blossoming FLR there are connotations … namely, we felt that it was respectful of her Leadership and intelligence if I waited patiently and quietly until she was ready to oblige. These smallish details provide context for bigger issues.

  • Well, I can’t find anything to criticize you on any of your points, and in any case, these things are so personal to each of us. There are some obvious red flags that any woman seeking a submissive man would never respond to…for instance, any man that would expect a woman to come to where he is just because he called to her is a definite no-no in my books. Walk away and walk away quickly! How dare him. He must humbly seek permission to approach the Queen, not the other way around. However, one must be careful not to put up too high a barrier that we can no longer see over them.

    • Average men encourage women to lower their standards while an extraordinary man applaud a woman for maintaining high standards and feels amazed and honored to know that he meets them.

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