3 Responses to “A Brand New Life With Progressive Orgasm Control

  • A male chastity device is certainly the way for many couples. It truly puts the woman in control and teaches the man restraint and discipline as far as his sexuality is concerned. I know that many believe that a man becomes lazy and even depressed after ejaculation and requires a long time to recover. That’s why wives wish to limit his releases by a chastity device. However, it is my belief that a man can quickly, if not almost immediately, recover his vitality and thus his interest in pleasing the woman if he is in a loving, healthy relationship…which I think most FLR’s are. The more he loves his wife and enjoys being in their relationship, the less recovering will be an issue. He will want to get right back to making her happy whether that is house chores or sexual pleasure.

  • That is a great result which I would endeavour to reach.

  • My wife and I recently began orgasm rationing about one month ago (at my request). Our goal is for me to orgasm once a month. It’s been almost 4 weeks since I last orgasmed and I don’t really miss it that much. I have been so impressed with the positive results that we are both experiencing. We are having better sex a lot more often. My wife orgasms regularly now, it was hit or miss in the past. Last week she orgasmed while on top of me but we were both able to control it so I didn’t cum. What a rush, to actually see her face as she came, it was intense for both of us. I think she also enjoyed the control aspect of being on top and controlling my outcome. This has also made me more helpful around the house, more attentive to my wife’s needs. Since the focus is on her pleasure and happiness (in the bedroom AND outside the bedroom) we are both so much happier. We are both big fans of orgasm rationing and would recommend all couples give it a try.

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