7 Responses to “Are You a Lazy Dominant?

  • Great article, it’s always interesting to read your perspective. As I read this I found myself asking myself if I am guilty of focusing on myself under the guise of focusing on my wife. Articles like this challenge me to honestly look at my actions and motivations to make sure I’m really putting my wife first in all things, not just paying lip service. I really do want to serve my wife first so this helps me be vigilant about backsliding.

    You have such a healthy outlook about what you want in FLR. I’m stunned that you don’t have true gentlemen pounding down your door to partner with you.

    Thank you for the information, keep up the great work.

  • The problem is sometimes you love the man, and yes you want him to part of your life. Sometimes you love him so much that you can’t imagine life without him. Yes, there are times when it might be easier to walk away, but even domes cry.

  • If you are telling him what to do and enforcing rules because it’s what HE wants, that means you are actually not dominating him; you are his servant.

    This has long been my opinion. I appreciate that you voiced it here. 🙂

  • YES! Spot on! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Love!

  • I agree wholeheartedly.

  • Is there a time in the early stages of a relationship where it’s acceptable to cater to the needs of your sub man?
    I am new to this lifestyle and all the terms, techniques and tools were introduced to me by him.
    He clearly knows what he wants and I understand that these things such as controlled orgasms and punishments get the results we both want but I find myself with confusing emotions and thoughts around these actions. I feel like I haven’t explored what I want enough yet and I would like to go down this road together. It seems that these things have both practical value and sexual, kinky fun value.
    I don’t want to do these things because he wants them but I don’t want to not do them if they are an integral part of our progress. Also he is the only one I can talk to about my feelings so me going to him for guidance seems counterproductive. I

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