One Response to “What Can You Learn From AboutFLR.Com?

  • Hi,

    I’ve just found and initially thought I’d struck gold. Unfortunately, upon reading about what they considered to be the ‘darkside’ of FLR I am deeply offended and disappointed by what amounts to nothing but narrow-minded prejudice and sexual intolerance. I quote:

    ‘humiliation, sissification, extreme bondage, cruelty, and slavery while they abound on-line and [sic] not widely practiced by couples. How could they be? People need jobs, personal relationships, family, we have children, we need self worth and confidence. Think about it, how many time [sic] can someone be brutally whipped without medical/mental consequences, how would a relationship survive when a man’s self-esteem is so low he cannot perform normal tasks at work.’

    I could not believe what I was reading. I could not believe such ignorance from what I hoped may be a supportive community. In answer to their question, these practices are enjoyed by couples around the world.

    AboutFLR’s reasons for thinking that such
    practices will prevent a man from being able to function at work is never explained.
    Neither is why they think practitioners will suffer socially or experience a lack of family cohesion.

    Now I know that your Conquer Him site is not concerned with such ‘Femdom’ practices, and maybe you’re not keen on them. However, I have been deeply impressed by your level of tolerance and understanding with regards to the needs of masochistic males such as myself.

    For example, when I read in ‘Are You Married to a masochist?’ (April 15, 2016) that ‘I gently explain to these women that the masochistic men they are married to have a different way of receiving love’ I was deeply moved by what I consider to be a truly beautiful, uplifting and enlightened perspective. As a masochistic male, such a relationship, such practices, are key to my emotional wellbeing.

    A Female Led Relationship is about so much more than whips, I agree, but ignorance and intolerance the like of which I’ve read on disgusts me. I would not worry about them deleting your account. In future I will stick to and avoid AboutFLR’s ill-informed bigotry.

    Best wishes.

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