4 Responses to “Cascade Commercial Shows A Subtle FLR In Action

  • I’ve noticed this more and more recently, the stereotypical roles reversed. Companies have realised who makes the spending decisions and who has the buying power. Really very clever!

  • Bravo to Cascade, or their advertising team.

    I am glad that society is wakening to a brighter female leader image.

    In the old days the character would have to be grumpy, she would have to act like a man if she was leading. They’d say “look who wears the pants in the family” infering that the leader must wear men’s wear. They would say the woman would have to be a bitch, a hag, a nag to lead.

    Thanks for letting us know. Could you publish the address (email and snail) to write a thank you to Cascade?

  • I read/showed this post to my wife. When we watched the video of the commercial, her immediate response was, “I really like that commercial.” She had noticed what you had noticed. I believe there are a hundred such examples of how our world here in the states is changing to one in which women are becoming more empowered and assuming positions of leadership. My hunch is we will see many more such power arrangements in future product sales. Unfortunately using a woman’s body sexually to sell something will also linger for some time.

  • I like it and hope to see more of the same.

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