3 Responses to “The Conquer Him Community Is Now Open

  • This is so awesome!

  • Dear Queenie ~

    ‘Appreciate the announcement of your community, given the interest I have in potential participation in an FLR.

    However, I have a basic question that may be best answered or responded to via email, if you would indulge me.

    As a transgender, male to female, but not one who tries to pass as the genetic equivalent, I nonetheless am called by my femme name with all whom I associate, and do business with.

    I am attracted to women only, and ones whom could be interested in an FLR.

    My question is, could your community accept my application as one whom is transgender? Of course, I would apply (and pay) as a male, but keep my female name.

    Please advise, Queenie. I cannot be presumptuous over the majority of cisgender society that basically only “sees” their own gender binary, but with little or no regard to the same-gender attracted sub-community.

    Thank you, Queenie, for your attention, and possible response or reply. Best wishes to you. 🙂

    • Hello Robyna,

      You are more than welcome to join the Conquer Him Community. As long as you are self accepting and honest with others it would be a pleasure to have you. The only candidates I deny are those who are interested in a FLR for masochism, pain and degradation.

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