2 Responses to “Dear Queenie: Should I Be Submissive to My Stepsister?

  • I agree. Your relationship with your stepsister needn’t be sexual to be an FLR. You both seem to recognize that you are comfortable and fulfilled by being a servant to her. She does you the honor of accepting your service. You can worship her without it becoming sexual.

  • I agree that FLR doesn’t need to be sexual. At work, I have 3 women who I manage. In addition to the usual day to day managerial interactions that we have, I try to go above and beyond to help them with their work. I recognize that their lives outside of work are important and busy (spouses, kids, etc) so I try to make their work lives just a little easier for them. I have no ulterior motives, I just enjoy seeing them a little happier at work. They are very appreciative and are that much more diligent in their work. It’s a positive self perpetuating loop. Win win for all of us (including the company we work for since our productivity and morale is so high).

    Thanks for the information Queenie!

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