3 Responses to “Dear Queenie: My Wife Is Submissive To Other Men

  • Ma’am,

    You simplified your response in understandable language. Thank you.

  • i don’t think that Jet has admitted that his Wife is living the FLR way with him. he has only said that he has a great Wife. that could mean anything, not necessarily Female Led Relationship. maybe his wife is really submissive and does not want to be leading their relationship. i think Jet should first find out as to what his Wife really wants. only then would it be clear whether she is leading or following.

    • You are correct. I had the same hesitations yet, we must remember that leading the relationship means she is placing her happiness first and he is supporting that in every way that he can. As long as she believes she is “Great” then he is happy and hopefully she is too.

      He may have the idea of what a woman in a FLR is like. Maybe his vision is mistaken for a mistress or dominatrix. Many men do this. A woman in a Loving FLR is a woman with the freedom to be exactly who she is and to have the relationship she wants without asking permission or fighting for things to go her way. Seems to me like she is having it her way.

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