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  • 76% live in North America. I’d like to see if the stats of the other questions differ between this group and the others. And/or between the USA and the rest of the world.

    Where there any from a predominantly nonenglish speaking country?

    • Actually, these stats are from the total group including international. I reported the highest percentages and did not exclude anyone. Although if I eliminated the numbers from North America, the stats may be different. Asia and Europe were represented in this survey.

  • 65% are legally married.

    I expected this to be higher. The level of commitment almost has to be higher in a loving FLR than non-FLR. Doesn’t it?

    I ask those who are not married to share your views, even if you must do so anonymously. If you are just waiting for your wedding date, nevermind.

  • 53% have been together 6-10 years.

    How many are longer?

    • I have posted a link to the results at the bottom of the post so you can see them yourself.

  • Only 5% of all women in FLRs make every decision for the couple.

    At first I thought that this has to be a mistake. Then it occurred to me that “every decision” included the trivial as well as the major decisions. Many decisions would be delegated to the man. What brand of furniture polish should I use?

  • 70% of the FLR women report being unsure about taking control of the relationship.

    Let this deter noone. I expect that the same is true of newlywed men and new fathers. Nearly everyone is an amature in building relationships. If you are not unsure, wait a while, you will be.

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