4 Responses to “The Gentleman’s Challenge: Task #3

  • Several years ago, I read of a challenge where a few women asked their husbands to wear pantyhose for a day. I wonder if that challenge could be updated for today’s world.

    There are several firms that manufacture both pantyhose and bras designed for men, that fit well and are comfortable. I would like to see a nationwide day when men in female-led relationships wear both under their outerwear, perhaps in combination with a chastity device.

    • Why? Feminizing men is NOT a standard practice in Loving Led Relationships. That is kink for HIM. And that is femdom. A woman who is attracted to a LOVING FLR would not want to demean, degrade or diminish her partner in any way. That is sadism. That is not a common trait in a LOVING FLR.

  • Many men (I would say about 10%) enjoy the feeling of soft, clingy fabrics and consider wearing lingerie a liberating stress reliever. Many are ashamed to admit this, even to their own wives, because of the link society makes between the perception of feminine weakness, homosexuality, and promiscuity. There is no reason why this barrier should exist, since the concept of a sexual identity is multilayered and one desire or predisposition does not necessarily trigger any other.

    In my own personal experience, it is very satisfying for a female to determine when and under what circumstances a man can enjoy this sensory experience. She can indeed use this as a great tool to guide her relationship in the direction she wants.

    In my own case, feeling feminine helps me bond better with femininity. If you as a woman find a strategy or activity that works, run with it and make it your own.

    • I hear you and respect your opinion. If a man enjoys wearing feminine clothing then that is his desire. A Loving Female Led Relationship is about fulfilling the woman’s desires. If that is not a natural desire of hers, it should never be considered. He can choose to wear it at his own desire, he doesn’t need to have it be “required” by a woman.

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