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  • A woman I know vaguely from work entered the elevator with a grim look on her face. I told her “those beautiful eyes need to shine,” on impulse but she not only smiled, she looked me in the eyes and thanked me. They were shining.

  • In today’s hyper-sensitive corporate culture, this might be a challenge best left out of the working world. If I told a woman I vaguely knew at work that “those beautiful eyes need to shine” I guarantee I would be having a conversation with my boss and Human Resources. Maybe my company is a bit uptight but they take harassment (or anything close to it) extremely seriously.

  • While I support the cause of the ‘Gentlemen’s Challenge’ a couple of the suggestions I disagree with.

    Women should be appreciated for who they are, which is invaluable, not their outer shell.

    I want very little to do with men who whistle or wink at strangers and tell Me that I am “sexy,” sometimes even if the tell Me I’m “beautiful” and certainly if they tell Me how I should behave.

    They are all cheesy sex-pick-up lines that any old philanderer or entitled misogynist can easily use and self-respecting Women KNOW that.

    I don’t want or need strange men’s validation that My physical aesthetic pleases them. I’ve received that BS most of My life and am long since fed up with it all! I do not take care of My health and appearance for their sake. I am not their possession, object or property.

    I can receive heartfelt, meaningful compliments and encouragement from My devoted submissive life partner if I want such interactions.

  • You are correct Domina.
    We men are here to
    love and worship you.
    Making you happy makes
    us happy.

  • Since I am married, and love doing anything I can for my wife, these two gentleman’s challenges are a day to day thing in my life.
    I will always help my wife even if there is something related to her work and I can give her a hand. I will always tell her how beautiful she is, and how lucky I am for having her in my life. I tell her how she changed me for the best, and how I wouldn’t have arrived where I am without her.
    So I have talk about female lead marriage, if not with those words, to my wife. I also had brought a smile to her face by helping her.
    Both challenges accomplished 😉
    Juan Guevara

  • Never knew these encouraged messages empowered FLR. I have always thought is shat we were suppose to do when we encounter woman. Maybe I just look at all woman as beautiful and deserving of a respectful and encouraging man.

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