4 Responses to “The Gentleman’s Challenge: Task #4

  • This is nothing short of awesome!
    We claim belief in, and support of woman’s authority, but are we really committed? Or is it just about creating jerk-off fodder, or pardon the pun, a knee-jerk reaction?
    We have been called to task on this issue to elevate, and for each male, it is an opportunity as it calls into question our honor, integrity, and even honesty!
    By being honest with ourselves, we now have a choice to either drop the claim and proceed to the porn sites, or put our speech and money to work for the women we believe in!
    If we are truly making the choice to support a woman’s choice, I believe it is imperative that we remember to do just that–lift up her choice! In some recent posts, it was noted that sometimes a man might choose to do something that is really more about his own likes or dislikes. And, as a father, I can appreciate that. We do all we can to lift up, protect, and yes, elevate our young daughters–never is it sexual. And as our little girls mature into young women, we continue to elevate them. And like before, it is not sexually based. But at this point, unless you want to loose her, you must acquiesce–you must allow her to choose how, and to what degree your efforts are to be made in “lifting her up.” In like manner, women all around us are taking the lead by doing a fine job that most likely is superior to that which people expected from her male colleagues! So she really doesn’t “new” help from you or I. But I think we owe it to them, not because they are female, for which support feeds our fetushes. But instead because deep in our hearts, you and I know the world is a better place as a result of these women’s choices and efforts! So why would any man, much less a submissive man choose not to be a team player?
    Personally, I do not believe we have a choice in this –these women are changing the world regardless of whether we choose to jump on board or not! But don’t you think, it may be a little faster, easier, and perhaps, even better if they receive the male support rhey are due? In my own case, I believe it is my destiny to lend my support. Moreover, if you truly wish to serve a woman or women, any of these “elevate” activities brings its own reward as you know you have been of service to her, and giving selflessly is a form of Goddess worship (SEVA), which of course is a whole different subject.

  • Thank you for posting these interesting challenges, they are a a helpful and motivational way for me to become come devoted and obedient to Women. Thank You again.

  • Thank you for this inspiration. I read it last night and again today at work. It motivated me to write up one of my employees for doing a great job. It also led me to think about contributing to the National Womens Law Center, the AAUW of other groups that advocate for the advancement of women and girls.

    As a strong, confident males, I feel a responsibility to do all I can to elevate women and girls. Thank you for posting this reminder that inspired me to action today.

  • This challenge has truly resonated with me. If I am going to be a strong, confident male who truly supports the women in my life, I need to embrace feminism and the advancement of women in all aspects of society. After reading this again recently, I decided to put my money where my mouth is and purchase life memberships in the National Organization for Women and the American Association of University Women, two organizations that advance women economically, socially and politically. I enjoy the thought of helping all women be successful in their lives.

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