4 Responses to “He Says He Wants To Be My Submissive

  • Te-Erika,

    I think you are right on with ‘him’ willingly following and not being forced to follow and accepting the ‘rules’ no matter if they are very intense or not controlling enough.

    I believe one of the things for many men to learn and take-to-heart is the ability to become really good listeners… focused listeners, dedicated listeners. I use to rudely interrupt her often and sometimes (many times), complete my wife’s sentences… thinking it was a sign of how connected we were!! I had not realized how annoying it was for me to do that and not really listen to her to frequently. It is interesting what you do learn about a woman when you do not interrupt her, truly listen to her, and not argue with her! It also can be rewarding to unwind together by sharing a glass of wine and allow her to vent to you about her day – without really needing your quick response or profound solutions. (it took me too long to learn that?!)

    I now feel a level of comfort and joy now in becoming a better husband catering to my wife. I listen and keep a record of her peeves and dislikes, which seem to more honestly come to light now. Amazing the things she never opened up about and really wished she probably could have! Also amazing the new things I now am interesting in, taken as hobbies, taken to heart, that she has directed me to and help to foster in my life.

    It is a balanced (slightly brave) new world when both a submissive intelligent man obediently, trustfully and joyfully knows/begins to relish his place, and a strong, intelligent woman grows and embraces her leadership, her power and her control.

    KK 🙂

  • Men who’d act like this, dont know what they truly want or what it truly means to be in a relationship like this. While Women have to learn about this type of relationships, men have to unlearn. If you catch my drift.

  • I wan to learn to be a sub. male Thank you Women for this helpful site. Women Rule!!!!

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