3 Responses to “How Can I Make My Wife Become More Dominant?

  • Great advice for us to not lead but to follow her. Sometimes we as men so lost in thought of desire Don t even realize how obvious we are by our action, comments and conversation. We must learn to be obedient to her.

    • I measure each action and thought with, am I interested in doing this in the interest of love toward my wife, or am I doing this for self serving reasons. I also require my wifes permission for anything that isn’t related to the betterment of the marriage, my wifes comfort, or maintenance on the cars and home. If I want to go out on my motorcycle, snowmobile, etc, then I need her permission. This reduces my “mistakes” and creates a much more harmonious reality for both of us.

  • You can’t make your wife anything. All you can do is be honest about yourself and how you feel. You like femdom, and I get it. As a natural submissive, I love femdom, too. But my wife doesn’t care for it, and doesn’t want to be in that role. That is HER decision. You might have to learn to be satisfied with not having those fantasies fulfilled. For myself, my wife picks my clothing, from the socks I wear to my underwear. Wearing the things she picks for me is a constant reminder that I belong to her, that I have surrendered completely to her authority, and that’s as much femdom as I need. Stop reading/watching porn and stop masturbating might also help. When I surrendered to her authority I told her all about my secret fantasies and porn and masturbation habits, and informed her that I was surrendering my sexuality to her also. I trust her to take loving care of my needs, but even if she doesn’t, that sort of fills my need for her authority too, doesn’t it? Trust in her wisdom. If she says she doesn’t want to feed your kink, maybe she’s right. Maybe that fetish isn’t as healthy or natural for you as you think.

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