9 Responses to “How Has FLR Impacted Your Dating Life, Queenie?

  • Hello Te-Erika. Reading your post I was wondering, what are your thoughts on house husbands? Do you think it could suit you?

    • Having a house husband would be a dream come true! OMG! I am so aroused just thinking about it! OMG!

      • Lol. I did not expect this reaction. Truth be told your comment excited me a bit. Thank you.

      • I would like to be a house husband.

      • Hey Queen!

        Just was curious about your thoughts on chastity.

        Fetish and fantasy are extremely popular when it comes to chastity. Do you feel there is any real benefit for wives to endulge in it?

        Also: do you find one race or the other more or less prone to submissive temperaments?

        Thank you Queen,

  • Hello Ma’am ,

    Your responses to the questions were quite interesting what I am gleaning from your responses are that you don’t need a man or even necessarily want a man. You seem to be at a point in your life where that is not the focus of your life. It is admirable that you are not compromising your values for a relationship. I admire the strength in that. Your aside about poly love is interesting. It is a very interesting concept. In any case thank you for the insight into your thoughts and beliefs it has been most illuminating.


  • I just wonder how tall are you Queenie. I found you so attractive woman. Alpha female . African Queen.
    I saw your clip about your dating with a submission man.
    I feel so sorry for him. He is so stupid from my opinion. He get a lucky chance to serve a wonderful queen like you and he waste it.
    I wish if i was in his shoes.
    And i will devote all my life to you totally. And my pleasure will only throw your satisfaction. And all your needs will be my target to fulfil without no hesitation.
    And my reward will only to see your smile meaning you like my work.
    Please tell me if you like what i wrote. To encourage me to tell you more and more and share my feelings with you
    Please reply

  • well I donn wanna be annoying or rude
    but i do really reaaaaally need a chance ,,, i think i can b the one u need .
    and literally you are amazing

  • Just say “yes”. You nailed it.

    Before my girlfriend and I committed to a female led relationship and signed a contract, we would argue all of the time. Why? Because instead of me saying yes, I would challenge her authority and try to assert mine. No good. These ALWAYS ended up in fights and I ALWAYS lost anyway. So, when we wrote up our agreement, the first thing she wanted was for me to say ‘yes’ to whatever she wanted. Now, I know many of you probably imagine the worst requests and orders coming from her but mostly, it’s household stuff. Take out the trash. Done. Do the dishes. Done. Hang out with my boring girlfriend while we get ready to go out. Done.

    If I argue or say no, there is immediate punishment. But that doesn’t happen often because I truly enjoy seeing that huge smile on her face when she gets her way. So, I totally get the desire to be with a guy that knows how to say “yes”.

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