How To Recognize A Dominant Woman

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dominant strong woman femdomA dominant woman can not be easily recognized by a checklist. She appears in a variety of skin tones, dress sizes and career choices. A dominant woman is most recognizable by her ability to make decisions for herself without the approval or opinions of others.

This kind of confidence is rare in a world that sets standards for our lives for us and imposes them from the moment we are born. The dominant woman has decided to create her own standards. By doing this, she creates a different life experience than most and many are enchanted by her.

A dominant woman most always feels good about herself. She understands that people are watching what she does and she feels a certain obligation to teach and lead them. She does not believe that anyone is beneath her, per se, but she does believe that there are certain people who need guidance and she is more than willing to offer it. In fact, she believes it is her duty.

She doesn’t have to be loud, rude or crass as she takes the lead in situations at home and at work. In fact, the most secure dominant woman, rarely has to raise her voice.  She leads because others trust her to lead and she doesn’t necessarily dominate, but rather she serves others who place their trust in her hands.

The art of female domination, or femdom, has less to do with being bossy and more to do with developing a trust filled relationship with a partner who understands that allowing her to take the lead is actually in the best interest of the relationship, whether it be a romantic relationship, friendship or business relationship.

A dominant woman is not made of steel. She laughs, she cries, she hopes, she has fears. She fumbles and sometimes she falls. The difference between the dominant woman and other women is. when she makes a mistake, she owns it and transforms it into something that will benefit her life.

A dominant woman doesn’t need to lead, others need her to lead.

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3 Responses to “How To Recognize A Dominant Woman

  • My husband has expressed his vulnerabilities and submissive desires to me after 27 years of marriage.
    I have tried several ways to enter into the femdom lifestyle but there have been frequent collapses on my part. I have changed my wardrobe engaged in sexual practices that have been “unusual” for us and most of the time he has been the one to lead/encourage me into role. Sometimes I feel that everything everyday is about sex. If I am off and tired I tend to not appear dominant and he is significantly disappointed. I realize that there are many aspects of this dominant relationship that will serve me but thoughts of playing on his wounded childhood and engaging into obedience training etc seems to be not acts of true power. Can I move past that? Has my conditioning in the world been to such an extent that I can’t show up for him in this way. he refuses to go to counselling…I know there is no turning back. I’m afraid this may be the end of my marriage. Thank you for your response.

  • With respect, Elika, it does sound like you and your husband need to talk this through at length. It seems, perhaps, that you are at least considering the wonder and joy that goes with a committed FLR, the snag (hopefully only temporary) being that your husband has been harbouring his submissive desires for so long and has been nervous about telling you for so many years that they’re now pouring out of him and overwhelming you.

    If he is genuinely interested in embracing you as his leader in your relationship – and it’s what you truly desire for yourself – he needs to hear you and heed you. As his Domina, it would be perfectly reasonable for you to remind him that he is there to serve your needs, to outline what those needs are and to suggest that you both undertake his training slowly and carefully until he has reached the high standards you require of him.

    Also, with infinite patience promise to guide him back to your path should he ever forget who is supposed to be serving who!

  • The dominant woman doesn’t need me I must earn her confidence and respect to have the opportunity to serve her and as a submissive man oh we can only dream but we put our dreams on hold and serve the dominant women who lead us to Greater and better dreams

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