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  • Very well expressed. I agree that a woman has a complex personality and multi-faceted emotions, more so than men who generally tend to have a more simple range of emotions. While a man is usually a fairly straightforward being, a woman is many women rolled into an enigmatic swirl of contradicting identities. Most men are either dominant or submissive with very little variation from that core makeup, but many dominant women have both dominant and submissive needs demanding fulfillment. that is why a woman can be an angel of purity one moment and an outrageous whore at another. She rarely shows all her complexities to the same man. With one man, she wants to be the dominant goddess, while with another she desires to be the submissive slut. That is why a poly relationship (or triad) works so well for many women, who are much more complex in their emotional needs and personalities than most men. It’s not wrong, it’s just reality, and sometimes we have to accept it as such. .

  • You are extremely lucky. To be in a FLR w// a woman you love and she has a younger lover. That is my ideal scenario. You make me believe its possible

    • Thankyou both for your kind comments. We feel that respect and love for the complexities of the Feminine Divine lies at the heart of a beautiful FLR. I’ve been fortunate to have a wonderful teacher, one who has disciplined and led me not with whips and chains but with grace and intelligence.

      Ronae, you are absolutely correct, a woman’s needs and emotions are so wonderfully complex and varied that one man can rarely meet them. We discussed this at length (and still do) and it was her decision to take a lover. Their relationship is becoming long-term and they are deeply committed to each other. He is a bright young man, dedicated to pleasing her.

      James, believe it is possible.

  • Frankie, you are a very intuitive partner for this wonderful woman. You are so lucky to have her motivating and guiding you in your life. It is often very difficult for men to recognize, acknowledge, and accept that the woman they love and adore is an emotionally and intellectually complex goddess who may require and deserve the love of more than one partner to fulfill all her womanly needs. If he sometimes doesn’t understand the mysterious ways of his goddess, a man should nevertheless continue to love and accept her decisions in matters of partnerships because his ultimate goal in life is ever her happiness. Remembering that thought will see him through… love her and trust her always. She will not fail you.

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