One Response to “I Threw Away My Script for Our FLR

  • This is a very interesting, thoughtful and sincere post. A lot of what you describe resonates with my current situation. I think I might like an FLR, but I’m struggling with some concepts I came across in some blogs. I feel that some of these FLR websites describe a dichotomy that, put in more subtle terms, goes like this: Either you want to please your lady, and her happiness is all the reward you’ll ever need, or you’re just a typical selfish man who wants his kinks satisfied. Nothing in between.
    I figure this might originate from the puritanic nature of American culture, the usual “loving the body versus the soul”, “true love versus pig lust” binary standard that men are measured against.

    So I guess my question is this: If originally your interest did start from a sexual kink, what does this FLR as you describe it do for you? Is it really 100% about making your wife smile, or is there an element of the fantasy about surrendering to your wife that keeps you motivated?

    Thanks for any feedback

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