One Response to “I Was Raised In A Matriarchal Family System

  • I enjoyed reading your post very much. Our FLR would appear to be in line with your own philosophy … that is, it is entirely a lifestyle choice, not a kink. There is a high degree of orgasm control for me, but we have never regarded that as a kink, more a common courtesy.

    I would be interested to know how you conduct your FLR in various public settings if you feel like sharing (either in another post or by emailing). We constantly review our efforts to maintain our FLR at a high level whilst in public so as never to undermine Her authority and leadership … we want it to remain seamless and effective both in situations where we have the company of friends who are sympathetic to our relationship and in more delicate public areas where some tact and diplomacy is required. It takes constant work and awareness but we are both proud of our progress. She can expect my attentiveness and obedience without either of us drawing unnecessary attention to ourselves pretty much anywhere.

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