7 Responses to “Introducing The Gentleman’s Challenge: Task #1

  • No one else has taken up this challenge? Whelp… I will let you know how this one goes for me…

  • I guess right now it might be a little too early (but since I don’t see any OTHER comments) I have taken up this challenge to mention FLRs to 3 ladies I know – my wife, a former co-worker, and a third lady that I have only emailed with so far.
    I don’t know yet if they had heard of this concept before. I can’t actually say that I agree with the concept (and I don’t know ALL of its details yet either) but I like* what i’ve read so far…

    a *WEIRD* note – the first time I typed “like” my fingers actually typed “love” instead, and on the second try, it was “live”… whatev’s… <3

    • GOOD LUCK!!! Remember that you are offering these ladies a gift that could change their lives forever!

  • I proposed all these items to my wife long time ago. In fact she liked the idea of FLR and we are proceeding well now.

  • I have been dating a woman since the middle of March. She is leaving on a trip to Pennsylvania soon, so I suggested she look at while away and perhaps we might discuss the possibility.

  • Funny; I did this earlier today. I had not read the challenge yet. I am doing research into this lifestyle and was reading some other material when a lady at a table next to me asked what I was reading. I explained and showed her some articles and blogs. She seemed to be amused at the direction of what I was looking into.

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