6 Responses to “KIA Sorento Commercial Celebrates Female Led Marriages

  • I love the commercial… It reminds me so much of my wife.. She has driven are cars in the family for years while I’m in the passenger seat plus she’s the one who also owns the big 4×4 truck …I think the commercial is a sign of things to come….

  • True! I thought the very same thing when I first saw that commercial!

  • I am so happy that FLR are becoming more and more mainstream and accepted. When I was first in a FLR years ago it was considered abnormal and kinky!

  • Terrific commercial. Whether it is a commercial, a movie or an article that highlights women in control only reinforces the notion that it is OK for women to lead and men to follow. At some point, maybe sooner than later, Female Led Relationships and a Female Led Society will seem totally normal.

  • My Wife and I each have grown accustomed to automatically take the drivers seat in our respective cars… and now I would never assume to take that position in her car unless she asks me to. She has the newer more sportier and faster car and she ‘helped me’ pick out my used hybrid car that I drive – the more family model now which is telling.

    I believe we ‘FLR’ men now will not assume that just because our fathers were likely the main drivers in our families growing up that it is our inherent right to take the drivers seat – the view from the passengers seat is not so bad…

  • The only thing about this commercial is that I think the husband should be shown as finally realizing that what she did is a great idea in its innovation and originality and appreciating it, rather than standing there looking bewildered. Isn’t it the role of the husband to support and encourage and appreciate?

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