3 Responses to “My Husband Won’t Stop Topping From the Bottom

  • Interesting article. My wife and I have started on the FLR journey but she is having difficulty taking charge. I want to encourage her to do so and I try not to top from the bottom but she seems to need a push. She has expressed her desire verbally to me she wants to lead, and loves to do so in the bedroom, but admits she’s not sure how to do so. My regular job requires me to be an Alpha so I’ve developed that personality. I worry the Alpha side of me interferes when I am only trying to help her become more dominant in our relationship. When she wants me to do something, in or out of bed, she often phrases it as a question and less as a directive or instruction. How can I help her as the usually dominate male.

  • I guess your husband is not truly submissive if he tops from bottom.

  • You people are crazy, no woman should ever dominate the male. It should and can be a mutual type relationship fulfilling the desires of both working together,however biblically speaking,the man is the head of the household. Argue with God if you don’t like it !

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