3 Responses to “Dear Queenie: Should I Place Myself In Chastity?

  • I have done self-chastity and I highly recommend it. After about 2-3 days, you will find incredible beauty in most women, and at least a few will truly appreciate it. I hope you have a female boss. You will be buying lunches, running errands, and fixing things, and the more the women you know see your submissiveness and how eager you are to please, the more they will demand of you. You are giving them a comfort zone. Kudos.

    I don’t think a chastity device is enough, however. You should wear pantyhose under your trousers. You will LOVE they way your legs glide under your pants, you will love the feeling of empathy you experience, and the constant sensation will help you remember who is in charge.

  • Self-imposed chastity is a great tool that my wife and I would highly recommend. Not only do you and other women experience the benefits described by Queenie above, you will experience additional benefits for yourself. It’s been my experience that my daily headaches have disappeared without medication, my depression has lessened without medication, my overall sense of self-worth and self-esteem has increased through increased devotion to my wife.

    I would highly recommend self-imposed chastity through whatever means possible for as long as possible. You and those around you will be pleasantly surprised at the results!

  • As a single male I enjoy putting myself in a CB-6000 although I find myself with mixed emotions. There are times I rage in it while staring down at my humbled “man”, his head hung down in shame. I stare in the mirror and biuck my hips as if to show my imaginary girlfriend I still got it while she laughs at me and tells me about the hung gentleman she dated. 0ther times the CB-6000 doesn’t phase me.

    In any event, I know I am more than ready for a FLR – trouble is I have to find a willing female I can be submissive to ?

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