One Response to “Stephen Colbert Believes Women Should Be In Control

  • I am in total agreement with Stephen, Women SHOULD be in charge.
    I am a man and devoted believer in Matriarchy as a social standard, including Matriarchal (Female Led) matrimony and relationships.
    I believe in marriage the Wife should definitely be the Boss and She should call the shots in Her home.
    The husband should be fully subordinate to his Wife and under Her supervision in all areas of the marriage – both outside the home and in the home, both outside the bedroom and in the bedroom.
    I believe when a man gets married, he should openly acknowledge his Wife’s fully legal authority over him, by taking the wedding vow of obedience – to love, honor, and obey his Wife.
    I believe when a man gets married, he should openly recognize his Wife’s rightful role as the undisputed Head of the household and family, and become the lawfully wedded mr. Her Name, and a couple should live openly and without apology AS Ms. and mr. Her Name.

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