8 Responses to “Study Proves There is No Difference Between Male & Female Brains

  • I am sure there is no physical or biological difference to our brains. It sounds like this study compares apples to apples and still gets an apple, and it should.

    It’s not the “brain” itself that differs,

    It is how we use our brain and apply our knowledge, our decision making process and common sense that differs and makes Women Superior.

    • As you can see from the above post, I disagree with the idea that women are superior. Any person who feels they need to lift themselves higher than an entire group of people (like Hitler) for any reason, is overcompensating for something they feel they lack. I feel the same way about racists. But that is just my perspective.

      • Excuse me? Hitler? You are feeling quite “Powerful” this morning aren’t you?

        I used to enjoy your perspective and writings, but lately you are just ignorantly full of yourself.

        I’m not the first you have slammed with your unfounded entitlement, but this will be the last time I waste my time with your nonsense.

        Good luck. I won’t be recommending this site or you to anyone in the future.

        Keep it up and no one who reads you will be.

        • My intention wasn’t to slam you. Whenever someone mentions that they feel they are SUPERIOR to an entire group of people I immediately think of Hitler and racists. My opinions are extremely strong which is the objective of a good blogger/opinion leader. I am not here to appease you. it makes perfect sense that you would not recommend me to others if you do not agree with my teachings so I agree with you. You want a man who believes you are superior and I will never encourage any man to believe that.

          I am offering a viewpoint just like everyone else who has taken the time and commitment to build a platform. If offering my perspective is “entitlement” then so be it. Those who appreciate my effort will remain and those who do not will find someone else who can reinforce their own beliefs.

          I thank you for your time and attention thus far and I trust that you will do well in your search for a FLR.

  • In my life all that stuff is much more volatile. Most of the time my love is the leading one in erotic matters, but despite those adorable kinks there is big fun otherways. And there is much more in a relationship; spirituality, children, politics, finances and security to name just a few. I would need several weeks to sort out who is the leader where to which degree. I’m 53 now and I was 18 when she picked me up.One shouldn’t take that female supremacy topic too seriously, it is just the cream on top of it!

    • FLRs are quite multifaceted. I do believe the idea of female supremacy bothers me because a) I have two sons and I would NEVER teach them that they are INFERIOR to anyone and b) those I have met who believe in it are not women I admire so I would never want to be associated with the concept. c) It reminds me of Hitler.

      But in reality, the idea is for the man to enjoy if it makes him feel happier to serve. It’s ALL just PLAY anyway.

  • Different people hold different views, my personal views are that womyn are superior. Testosterone is a bit too abundant in males and I do believe it leads to brain poisoning.

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