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  • This article is the one article that opened my wife’s eyes up to FLR. This is a well written piece that strong vanilla wives can get their arms around and not think that the whips and chains are part of the FLR community.

    Thank you, Queenie!

  • Great article! I have recently stumbled upon a submissive aspect of myself, and I’ve been trying to make sense out of it. I am totally put off by so much of what is written about powerful women, but you have made it simple! I don’t think that you need to pledge obedience to a powerful woman to make her feel loved. The idea of engaging in these savage beatings I read about under the guise of “domestic discipline” disgusts me, but for those of you who like it, I won’t try to interfere!

    I believe that a man should love a woman and treat her the way she deserves to be treated because he wants to. My wife commands my love and respect every day by the way she treats me. I know that no matter how vulnerable I make myself to her, she will not hurt me. My devotion to her has been repaid many times over.

    But you took the words right out of my wife’s mouth. She calls me a hero. She doesn’t ask for a lot, but I love her so much and really want her to be happy and I do anything she asks for. Reading your words made me feel a bit more comfortable with who and what I am. I had been taught all my life that only a “beta male” or “sissy man” would give the sort of devotion to a woman I give to my wife, that giving her everything she wants will spoil her and make her think that I am weak.

    You point out that a powerful woman may need a submissive man, but I think that just as a powerful woman needs a special kind of man, a submissive man needs a special kind of woman. He needs a woman who honors him for saying YES to every challenge she brings him. Otherwise, he is casting his pearls before swine, so to speak.

    I hope that the world never shakes her life apart, but if it does, I hope that I can measure up to the challenge of holding the pieces of her life together.

    What you call being submissive: wanting to do everything and be everything for someone else, I simply call LOVE.

    I’ll leave you with this thought: Have you ever wondered what it would be like if two life partners both felt this level of devotion to one another? What would it be like to give your absolute devotion to your life partner, and receive the same sort of devotion in return? I don’t have to wonder because I know.

  • Yes we are heroes and we deserve those women who will never settle for a comüromise!

    Go for all the great men who shine in the shadow of even greater women. Not because these are superior but because men and women work incessantly to make these goddesses shine in all their glory. Their shadow then will rather resemble floodlights.

  • This makes perfect sense. I was wondering if chivalry is still alive in today’s world, and apparently it is. D/s turns me off, because too often the dominant does not respect the submissive, or the submissive is treated like crap during the scene.

    However, being a Lady’s Knight very much appeals to me. Defending her from internal and external threats, being a shoulder to cry on and a source of support is what I want to do.If I am lucky enough to find a Lady that I love, I would be willing to do what it takes to be by her side. The good thing about the Lady and her Knight is that both people truly love each other.

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