3 Responses to “The #1 Reason Women Ruin Female Led Relationships

  • I agree on not lowering your standards, but if you are serious, your view of men ( as you generalize) in incorrect.
    I am married to a very successful woman. She is not only smart, but a great mother and spouse. At work she leads, she mentor women to also raise in her field, which is mainly dominated by men.
    As for me, I am also a professional, I am successful in my job, and I am not insecure in any sense.
    Now I do love pampering my wife, and she would just at the end of our days give me her feet and I would give a massage. I go out of my way to please her, make her feel appreciated. If I can, I try to get any house work done before she even think about it.
    So I am a good man, I have a lot to offer to my wife, but I still love serving her, it is my personality. She still has a man next to her, that is assertive, and not a boy that she needs to look after. We have boys, and we teach them to value themselves, not to follow under the lie that all men are stupid. And I do tell them, to look in a future companion, a well educated, assertive, and respectful female. The idea is to complement each other. They see how I do check with my wife some many of the decisions at home, and how I do love pleasing her. They also see a respectful relationship between a couple. Again it is a difference in personality that would drive a FLM. I love serving her, and doing what she ask of me, and she is strong, loves to plan and ask for things top be done, and she will ask of me what she wants. But she has never made me feel bad or put down.
    That is my honest opinion 🙂
    Juan Guevara

  • I am new to this site. But It seems to me what you are wanting would be difficult to find.

    As I understand it, for FLR to work, you need a submissive male. Yet you want a strong, self-confident male as well. While I am sure some males exist with both attributes, I would think they are rare. Because strong, self-confident people generally do not want to be led at minimum or to be a slave to his partner at maximum, depending on the type of FLR the woman wants.

    And what of love? You seem to be saying you can only love a strong, self-confident male. There is nothing wrong with that – everyone has their preferences. But I think you may have to end up choosing between being in a FLR relationship at any cost versus following your heart and being with someone you love but is not submissive and wants nothing to do with FLR.

    Lastly, you imply in another blog that getting the man to agree to a FLR is all about how you approach him. If that is your belief, I would disagree.. There are men who would never agree regardless of his love for you or how it is presented to him. My 2 cents.

  • Who says FLR’S are an option women have?I haven’t seen any new laws regarding the legalities nor any all party discussions about the rights and wrongs of them.A couple grow into relationships purely because each person can contribute something different to them and one takes over the leadership in that department.What must not happen is that one person kills the spirit or soul of the other just because they feel strong.
    These “feelings”don’t last for life and the submissive partner will,at some time be in charge of the dominant one,even become the dominant one.
    This is partly why these “agreements” will never be legal

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