10 Responses to “The Basic Ingredient for All Female Led Relationships

  • Honoring her choices is a necessary part of FLR but I don’t think it is the defining attribute. In FLR the man doesn’t honor as much as agrees to follow. He doesn’t honor her by following her directive. He follows it because he has agreed she will have the last word.

    To honor means the man has a choice. He agrees to eat chicken, leave her alone, etc. FLR is a bit stronger than that. He may not want to eat chicken but his agreement to obey means chicken is for dinner.

    The difference is subtle since both honoring and obeying have the same result. However, obedience suggests the absence of choice. I am in a FLR. I am allowed to express my opinion, but in the end it is up to her.

    Before FLR I would honor her wishes since I love her and want her to be happy. I still want that, but now I do it because I agreed to obey. Subtle, but important, at least to me.

    • I am glad that you are enjoying a version of a FLR that is enjoyable to you. I do not teach or encourage obedience on Conquer Him. This is not femdom, there is no obedience training here. Every day we wake up we make a choice to commit to our agreement to engage in a FLR. That is the beauty of it. There is no obligation, there is a continual choice to honor her choices. Honoring a choice is much more special than doing things out of obedience or obligation. He serves because he chooses to honor her, not because he is bound to by contract.

      • I feel that it is a combination of both obedience and honor. The reason that I made the choice to be obedient to her in the first place is that I honor and adore her. Sometimes it takes more of an obedient attitude to go along with everything that she desires then just simply honor. I certainly do not feel that obedience is a negative term at all. Quite the opposite actually. I love being obedience, it truly shows how intensely I love, honor, and respect her.

        • It is your choicemail to call it what you want. The term obedience seems more fitting for animal training. Why any woman wouled want to marry a man who she treats like an animal is a mystery to me. We want strong men who choose to honor us, not petty puppies seeking approval.

          • It depends on how someone sees it. Or how he prefers to see it. We men want to see it as obeying rather than honoring. I believe it gives us a mental stimulation. Since we’re very sexually oriented we’d subconsciously choose to see it as obedience. Your opinion and caged lion are a great example. You see it as honoring, caged lion sees it as obedience. The result is the same, but the reasons why are different.

            Because as I said that’s how we are. What’s the difference between a knight and a slave? A slave will obey the Queen, but a knight will honor. But in the end they will both do what the Queen says, wont they? The knight will be “forced” to honor Her word because She is the Queen. Like realone said is a combination of both.

            We are strong men who choose to honor Women, but sometimes we prefer to do it with the slave title so they term ‘honor’ becomes ‘obey’. We need to feel that subtle ‘inferiority’, to be beneath the Woman.

            I hope I explained it well and helped You and others understand.

  • Great encouragement for me. Thank you.
    I am trying to live this way from the moment I recognized my submissive feelings.


  • I have finally decided this is what I need after two failed marriages to abusive men.

  • Hello,I am new here,liking this site.

    I understand it is not a total BDSM type of relationship envisioned here,and I utterly agree with that vision but..I was just wondering:
    Would it be really so bad if a little discipline or foot worship or similar things are also introduced ,at times,to the type of femled relationship you have in mind here?

    • You will have to find another site for that. This is not a BDSM site.

  • It for me is a daily challenge to put my thoughts behind her thoughts. You know what mean. We see things differently and as the article presents as a man I am to honor her. It takes great obbiedance to put your will aside and follow her will. When this is done the FLR moves along nicely.

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