2 Responses to “10 Traits of Happy Couples in Female Led Relationships

  • Thanks for this post. It is enlightening and has given me hope for a real FLR.

  • The FLR has brought me to closer to total emptying of myself to the benefit of her happiness. As I submit to her dominance she is accepting more and more my commitment to serve her dreams. I work to develop her trust that it is about her and only her our life grows. It is a constant for me to stay focus on her and her only because if I don’t we go back and start over. What a rush. It is challenging to focus on her thoughts and needs putting myself only as her support. Must constantly leave my obsession out of the FLR. By doing this it seems it becomes her dream to have me obsess over her. But as soon as I slip, we start over. I have been taught by this start over to stay focused and let this be in her control. Wow… it is so rewarding to my inner desires to let go on participate in her only.

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