6 Responses to “Quiz: Which Type of Female Led Relationship Should You Be In?

  • Got, “Loving FLR”

    “You can have this. There is someone out there for you. Be patient. It is on the way.:

    I pray so 🙂

  • I got loving flr.
    To be honest. I highly doubt that’ll ever happen.

    • Why? All it takes is for you to meet a woman and allow her to take the lead. What is so difficult about it?

    • If you continue with that self defeating, self talk, you will make yourself right without even trying. I say this with the most love you could even imagine.

  • Don´t stumble over my female name ! I am a feminized sissy husband, proud to be my wife´s cute and obedient housewife forever, in a completely role-reversed marriage. I am proud of it, and she enjoys it. We are opening up more and more to our social surroundings and strongly believe that women should take the lead everywhere, in family and relationship, and in our society in general. Women are born to lead us.

  • Yes she is , we our on our way to paradise.

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