6 Responses to “I Want a Bossy Woman Who Teases Me

  • ‘nice guy’ has it right. It is NOT a simple matter to find a woman who understands in toto. I think women are just too genteel to get the total picture. This man has a grasp of the Dominant Woman relationship most men want.

    • There may be a woman who fits this mold and can offer his fantasy. BUT remember, he has never even experienced his own fantasy, it’s all in his imagination. Expecting a woman to meet his standards is NOT what a true FLR is.

      But it really does sound exciting and it’s not impossible. I can see why he wants to experience this.

  • I know how he feels, Please let me find the women who enjoys this as well?

  • “Expecting a woman to meet his standards is NOT what a true FLR is” – This is not about expecting a woman to meet my standards, it’s about finding someone with the same interests. Dominant and submissive does not equal match. If I feel the need to tend to woman’s feet and she doesn’t like her feet touched, we’re not a match. If she enjoys someone tending to her feet and I don’t, we’re not a match. It is still a relationship and both parties should be satisfied with their relationship, that’s all.

  • He has revealed the heart and soul of many sub-males and their sub-ness for better and worse……there are some women like this out there but they tend to the bi or bi-curious side, where the male’s sexuality and satisfaction is inherently just not that interesting to them……whereas in contrast most straight women have trouble with this concept as the poster himself has frustratingly experienced.

    Such an important point re the fact that even in and maybe especially in kink or FLR, it is still mostly about a ‘relationship’ which means you two have to match up well along a number of different things, and when so, often the kink stuff can flow more smoothly.

    • I agree. Even though this isn’t the primary message I want to share on Conquer Him, I had to share it because I believe this is a very important post. It resonates with so much of what I have learned from men who want FLRs. They want their feelings to be disregarded in favor of what she wants but they want it a certain way, often sexually like the author states.

      The women I meet who want FLRs care about the happiness of their partners and they don’t want to play a role like this where it seems like they don’t care. They want supportive partners that they can cherish as well. There has to be a way to connect the two. I am unsure how to do this. A woman who can callously disregard her partner’s satisfaction is rare. I have interviewed one man who had this type of relationship and it was with a lesbian woman. Oh, I have met another woman who was in this type of relationship but she was secretly submissive and only doing it because he asked her to.

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