4 Responses to “Is A Whip Really Necessary?

  • Thank You for this post, i shared it with Queen Yolanda and She and i have had a FLR for more than 5 years. i visit Your website regularly and thank You.

  • As a whiteboi, it is my DAILY duty to do something to prove my devotion and respect for Black Women. i will be kind to each Black Woman i meet during the day and for the Black Women in my life i will do all i can to make Your lives happier and less stressful.

  • You really bring it to the point in this article. The whip means you are serious. It’s not about pain or being injured. It’s just about being serious. It’s hard to unterstand until you once felt the whip, the moment you realize who is in charge. I will never forget my first time. So I think a whip should be part of every flr. And for me it is the greatest gift my wife ever got from me.

  • Not really sure I understand this need for discipline. I know it exists and I crave it. But she disciplines me by holding back , not moving forward unless she is control. Expressing my needs in a manner of speaking is me trying to be in control. So as of now no physical didciplne. But it is not in my control.

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