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  • Go Queenie ………… It I accomplished people like that will forge their way through the barriers of society, and that will allow those of us who live in to someday reveal ourselves as who we are, in society. I believe they call people like you Pioneers! Keep up the good work Te-Erika and thank you for all that you do!

    • Thank you for stopping by and sharing such kind words! These words keep me focused. Thanks for being a part of Conquer Him. If you ever want to write let me know.

  • You stated, “At first I called myself a Mistress because that is what I thought you had to be if you were in a Female Led Relationship but after a while I had to let that title go. It seems so fake to me now; like a woman pretending to be something to please a man. ”

    This above statement of yours caught my eye because that is how I often address my wife. After all, even the Bible (in one translation) calls the wife the “mistress of the house”!

    By the way, the Bible DOES teach that a wife “ought to have authority OVER her head,” meaning over her husband. And if you want to win over Christian wives they will have to come to understand their authority. — Ken

    • You are always welcome to share your insights on Conquer Him. This site is reader generated and all points of view, as long as they are not kink based, are welcome and open for discussion.

  • This is a wonderful, and wonderfully honest, story. It’s inspiring to read about your own journey and your discovery of the difference between Femdom and FLR. Very glad you landed on our side of that divide.

    Seems very odd to me that there aren’t dozens of submissive guys drooling for the chance to serve you. If not, we need to get the word out. Beautiful dominant women like you are in short supply!

    • Thank you for the sweet words. I really do appreciate verbal worship. It makes my heart flutter! I am also glad that FLR appealed to me more than Femdom. I think celebrating loving relationships is a good fit for my personality.

  • My wife is strongly considering taking your course but is nervous for many reasons. She is new to this but also the cost. She does want to learn more though and we have read several books already. How can I reassure her?

    • I can guarantee without a doubt that if she takes my course, it will change her life. She will enjoy it and she will know exactly how to lead your relationship.

      This is my career but this is also my passion. The women in my course all come out feeling like new. I focus on the whole woman and not just the romantic relationship part.

      All you have to do is offer her the course as a gift and ask her to trust you, and she will never regret it. My mission in life is to empower women.


  • Thanks for the bio info and your personal story. I’ve only been following you for a week or two but it quickly became obvious you are intelligent and I really value your opinions. I’ve been gradually pointing my wife in this direction in our life, so far she has been positive and receptive. I’m planning on sharing your websites with her soon (along with the training programs for both of us).

    Ever since I’ve refocused my efforts (in the bedroom and the rest of our life) to make her happiness, wants, and desires as primary and mine secondary, our stale 27 year marriage has been reinvigorated and we are over the moon in love with each other again. We’ve got you to thank for this.

    Thank you for showing the difference between the kink of femdom and loving FLR. Thank you for showing me it’s ok to be a gentleman and treat my wife like a princess. Honestly, you’ve touched our lives in such a positive way and I am so very grateful.

    • Thank you for sharing this note. It means a lot to me. ~Te-Erika

  • I really enjoy reading everything on this subject. I have so many questions and am trying to learn what I can for now. Would love to take the course, but I too find it a bit too pricey. Your ideas are refreshing and I find myself gravitating towards it. I wrote to you the other day Queenie, and I hope we can have further chats!
    Queen Sue.

  • A woman needs a Godddess and it is right there inside of her. A man needs a Goddess and more and more women like you take up and carry the fire to inspire them. You are the epitomization of the Goddess that leads and people follow because they find the truth in your heart.

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