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  • I agree with your argument but women may be fighting thousands of years of biology. Women appear to be naturally hot wired to be attracted to dominant men. Their heads may be saying ‘go with the submissive man’ but their bodies are pulling them to the dominant ones. Evolution seems to be saying to them ‘seek the best genes for your offspring’ and a dominant man, because of his outward aggressiveness, appears to be the more capable of survival. An intelligent woman who is able to override her biological hot wiring with logic and reason in order to connect with a submissive man, who will make a more loving and reliable partner, will be in continual conflict with her inner urges to couple with that dominant man who is daring to flirt with her even in the presence of her submissive husband. For a woman, It is an irresistible attraction that is speaking to her from the ages. It’s not her fault, her head tells her it is poison for her soul, but her heart tells her it’s joy and pleasure. awaiting her. How does the woman ignore the bold and daring dominant male, who seems to her, in contrast to her steady, compliant, fawning husband, to be untamed, mysterious and unpredictable (a challenge?). Am I wrong? Unfortunately, it has been my observation that this is more true than not…note all the divorces with women leaving their husbands in record numbers today. Please set me straight, if you can, and let me believe in FLR without the doubts as to longevity and monogamy in these relationships..

    • You must have misunderstood the question. This post explores why some women tend to attract dominant men, not why women are attracted TO dominant men. These women would like submissive men to cater to them, but there is something about them that makes dominant men flock to them. I listed a few traits here.

  • Thanks for the response , but I did understand the question. An attractive woman will always attract dominant men, whether she’s sure of herself or not, it’s in the nature of these men to hunt desirable women. And it’s in the nature of women that her inner beacon of femininity, intentionally or not, sends out submissive signals to these men. The woman, if she truly wants a submissive man, has to become the huntress and seek this man out, approach him, control and compel him to her, because, conversely, if a man boldly and confidently approaches the woman first…chances are he’s dominant.

    • Well, the point of my post was to explore why some women only attract dominant men. You might have a point that dominant men are more likely to approach them.

      But in the end, if a woman is attracted to a dominant man it is her choice. I am not here to convince her otherwise. If she attracts dominant men and does not want them, she needs to learn to overcome the obstacles/traits I mentioned. I am sure there are more, but this is a good list to start with.

  • You give the example of the woman who can’t understand why she continuously attracts dominant men and fails to attract submissive men. What I’m saying is that every woman, whether she is dominant or submissive or somewhere in between, will attract dominant men because that’s their nature…they’re predators and they hunt women (and I don’t mean in any illegal way). Truly submissive men, those who won’t try to top her from the bottom, may be attracted to her but they will not approach her to let her know, even if she is giving out those ‘vibes’ mentioned in your ‘list’. In fact, I submit that the more she appears strong, decisive, confident, etc. the more submissive men will keep their distance. She has to recognize them (I think we agree here) and let them know she’s interested and won’t reject them. If a submissive man has to approach a woman, he’s going to approach a more submissive type, not because he prefers that..he doesn’t, but because he feels he will be less likely to be rejected. As a result, too often submissive men end up with submissive women, and dominant women end up with dominant men, and no one’s truly happy. I’m not sure we have found any common ground here, I think we have, (we both want dominant women to find submissive men) but in any case I’m done.

  • I don’t think a relationship in which the woman is in total control will last long. I think they have to be equal as much as possible. Women instinctively usually want a dominant male but that doesn’t mean he has to be a control freak. That just means he makes the decisions when it comes to taking her out, deciding where to go, when to go etc. When it comes to deciding what kind of drapes to put up or other stuff most men are happy to let women make those decisions. But when it comes to romance I think not only do most women expect men to lead they prefer it.

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