5 Responses to “He Is Willingly Submissive To My Power

  • Your talk of having him make a public commitment reminds me of something from a book I am reading about persuasion:
    From the book “How to Get People to Do Stuff: Master the art and science of persuasion and motivation”:
    “Going Public:
    In the experiment described above from Freedman and Fraser, some of the participants put a sign in their car window. Their commitment (to driving carefully) was a public commitment. The more public a commitment people make, the stronger the influence that action has on future actions. The more public a commitment, the stronger the persona change will be.
    When we take an action that only we know about, we aren’t showing our commitment. When we’re not showing our commitment, there will be less long-term persona change than when we take an action that others will see.
    When the people in the Freedman experiment posted a sign in their yard or put a sticker in their car window, they were making a public commitment. Public commitments lead to stronger and faster persona change.”-Page 68
    “Strategy 35: When you get people to commit publicly, it’s easier to get them to do stuff”-Page 69 (in reference to the information on page 68)

    • It is amazing how a man can move under the woman power and becomes completely submissive without noticing.

  • Ouch I guess I cannot say much about this essay except that I responded to public exposure and the circle of women can be brutal and emasculating even when they are kind but I left motivated. I suggest that women make men sign contracts that spell out behavior specially when the desired behavior does not follow the social norm such as chastity in marriage. Difficult to refuse when your wife can show your friends and family exactly what you agreed to do.

  • Maybe you could get a male submissive who is bi-lingual (I am not) to translate a sister site which would be the same as this site but only in Spanish. Most of the women where I live are Hispanic, it’s hard enough to communicate but if I could direct them to our site…wow! What do you think of the idea and if you like it, what would you guess would be the time frame for it to begin? I would contribute to help, but am currently looking for work. My fantasy job is to work for a female boss.

  • Public admittance by a make that he is willingly beneath his female is incredibly important. It not only makes it feel more normal to your male, but to other people that an FLR can be had.

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