3 Responses to “5 Tenets of Successful Female Led Relationships

  • I like these Tenents. I would add that one of the most important things for a man in a Female led relationship is consistency. When we started I vowed to continue to do the things she loves, not just when the relationship was new but still 6 1/2 years later. Cards under her pillow from time to time, flowers, applying lotion to her each night. For her to run our home properly she needs to feel that I am treating her not just as the boss but as the one I love, don’t let that get stale or things will change. I know this might fall under support but I think as time goes sometimes the small things that she appreciates get lost. Don’t let it happen.

  • I like your post but was surprised to see for of the tenets directed to the man rather than the woman. If it is the woman’s role to groom him I would have thought that there would have been spinoffs on that point that would reflect other aspects of the other four tenets.

    However, I do agree that in an ideal female dominant relationship, it shouldn’t be the woman’s role to constantly prod and ask. Instead the man should be a step ahead, anticipating what needs doing. That can get old, but it goes with the turf of getting things done or anticipating she she doesn’t have to point out what is obvious to both.

    Thanks for a thoughtful post!

  • The biggest benefit of being her strongest supporter is the evolving of the her dreams and desire. In this evolution of this spectacular woman you share the spectacular with her in all areas of your life togethet. You also become a stronger, loving ,kind and thoughtful man with all the benefits a Nan hopes for !!!!!

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