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  • A male chastity device is certainly the way for many couples. It truly puts the woman in control and teaches the man restraint and discipline as far as his sexuality is concerned. I know that many believe that a man becomes lazy and even depressed after ejaculation and requires a long time to recover. That’s why wives wish to limit his releases by a chastity device. However, it is my belief that a man can quickly, if not almost immediately, recover his vitality and thus his interest in pleasing the woman if he is in a loving, healthy relationship…which I think most FLR’s are. The more he loves his wife and enjoys being in their relationship, the less recovering will be an issue. He will want to get right back to making her happy whether that is house chores or sexual pleasure.

  • That is a great result which I would endeavour to reach.

  • My wife and I recently began orgasm rationing about one month ago (at my request). Our goal is for me to orgasm once a month. It’s been almost 4 weeks since I last orgasmed and I don’t really miss it that much. I have been so impressed with the positive results that we are both experiencing. We are having better sex a lot more often. My wife orgasms regularly now, it was hit or miss in the past. Last week she orgasmed while on top of me but we were both able to control it so I didn’t cum. What a rush, to actually see her face as she came, it was intense for both of us. I think she also enjoyed the control aspect of being on top and controlling my outcome. This has also made me more helpful around the house, more attentive to my wife’s needs. Since the focus is on her pleasure and happiness (in the bedroom AND outside the bedroom) we are both so much happier. We are both big fans of orgasm rationing and would recommend all couples give it a try.

  • Totally agree with your comments though new to orgasm denial but I find my feeling go far deeper.

    After confronted for being to moody Selfish and to frequently self satisfying(masturbating) I came up with the idea to be caged passing orgasm control to my wife. I suggested my wife could have full control of my orgasms for a month to see how things go but she quickly cashed in on my idea and upped the stakes to permanent control, After a short pause I agreed knowing my wife likes full on sex so would not deny me for very long.
    Now caged in a cb6000s for a couple of days its painful but very arousing and I am looking forward to a release to perform my duties.
    After 2 days I am drooling and eagerly await the key for the first time but get chastised for snatching, Baited breathe I wonder will I now be denied but thankfully no. The key is in my hand and Im fumbling with excitement but find a steady hand to pop the lock.
    Wow what a relief to prise that cage of my wifes toy, slowly but surly Up and up he comes.

    As soon as satisfaction is given and my orgasm is completed and the cage is back on. Pain again almost unbearable but on daily release and lock up with the promise of a bigger cage very soon. Almost at breaking point when new cage arrives and it fits much better I am now getting multiple mini orgasms of up to 30 a day a very nice very strange side effect each orgasm mimics the feeling you get just before you cum but longer and slightly more intense causing lots of precum. A week on I am released erect making love but unable to cum , My key holder picks up on my poor performance and gives a helping hand ????? Slowly she slides the back of her hand down my body across my leg and lovingly cups my balls , Wow what a sensation gently caressing me I feel closer to coming. I build to a peak like a volcano to an eruption, I am getting closer and closer with a pleasing sensation around my balls,Then like a mini explosion the biggest cum I have ever had. But wait I am still getting hotter and hotter and hotter my balls are on fire. My wife asks if the deep heat she has rubbed in to my balls while I was making love is now working and boy is it working. I beg her can I wash it off to a swift reply of yes of coarse you can but wait until it stops burning.

    I stay out of chastity for 2 weeks to recover from the small cage and over excitement then its back on with the cb6000.
    That wonderful horny sensation again returns this time lacking mini orgasms but sensation appears to be slowly growing as time goes on. Two days in to my chastity and theres some pleasing news my wife is pregnant we are over the moon with the news as all is well.

    Now moving on present date, Things have taken a turn wifes still happily pregnant but lost a great deal of interest in me sexually.I ask do you want to stop with the cage no she says im enjoying seeing you squirm with arousal.
    Sexual contact is further denied with strict instruction not to make sexual advances, discuss or ask for sex, complain or ask for release.I am allowed to give loving kisses and cuddles how ever.
    For health reasons (swelling) I am allowed release 2 nights per week with strictly no touching and definitely no orgasm. It is great to see my wifes toy recover to a total erection but driving insane leaving him alone.

    This regular twice weekly release appears to stop the usual trend of getting used to your cage firing me up all the time.
    I am under strict control again only allowed to give loving kisses and cuddles but go no further.
    The other night while on release and watching tv in bed (always naked as ordered) I am told to look at something between my wifes legs , WOW this could be it im so excited and shuffle over the bed. Her legs part revealing a black pair of nickers with a hole about 2 centimeters round, In the middle of the hole are the lips and cliterus of my wifes pussy as quick as I see it her legs close and she is under the quilt.
    My cock is throbbing begging me for an orgasm to which I am powerless to give.I want to plead for release for orgasm or sex but know this will cause me to lose my uncagings privileges .

    My situation looks grim as my key holder has clearly spotted my desperation, A shake of my cage will fire me up for hours, A touch of any sort near my groin will send me into overdrive, A mere glimpse of a leg or buttock sends my sensual feeling off the chart. The Easier I fire up the less attention my wife gives me causing further arousal to the point I get erect when she pushes me over the other side of the bed at night as I know this is the end of any glimmer of satisfaction for little man until another day.
    At least I can go to sleep with a crystal clear image of my wifes lips radiating through that little hole in her nickers, Boy am I horny and still have a slim chance of satisfaction (a wet dream)if I focus on that last precious glimpse of heaven.Though driving me to the brink of sexual breakdown denial has transformed our lives. I have no doubt my wife will have all the support she should have throughout this pregnancy this time and beyond.
    I know I will see things a lot more her way and I am sure your ways are the feature.

    If this story is a little flawed forgive me as this is my experience and 100% true.

    Love forever babes. Anything you want babes anything I can do ANYTHING AT ALL xxxxxx

  • The chastity element is so crucial. After a dominant wife establishes her control and that is is she and she alone he craves.The release is no longer the Reward ,the only reward is her loving attention to him.
    He no longer need the device. The release he does not want because he is so drawn to her and the time it takes to get back to the yearning after release, is tough. Seems the gradual release and control is most rewarding for him. For her don’t know I believe her reward is having him need her, crave her, and submit to her will .

  • I’m a man and a husband now in my 50s and my wife is a little younger. Unfortunately I fell into the bad habit of self-gratifying rather than making love to wife. I didn’t do it on purpose because we really were busy with family, careers, and aging parents. Everyone else came first. We both stopped being intimate, and my habit made it worse. That wasn’t good. We were on our way to a marriage without intimacy. I felt like we were brother and sister sometimes. So, we talked and did some research and decided we’d try to make a change by incorporating a little naughty fun. We bought several chastity devices over the years. I liked the control and my wife did too. We took the play serious, but not too serious. It was a slippery slope as they say, but consensual. The newest metal cage I have is the best. I don’t need it and rarely wear it unless my wife strongly “suggests” it’s time. I become the dutiful spouse and “click”.

    We made more time for each other and even took the time to try to be more attractive. I wore suits and business casual attire for work, but gone were the sloppy pants, stained shirts and smelly sneakers that I wore at home. Those old pants are great to paint in. My very bad comb over was replaced with a shaved head my wife loved, and I began working out. My wife made efforts to look more attractive. She headed to the salon regularly, improving her appearance in other ways, and enjoyed the new level of attention she gets from me. We show each other far more attention and intimacy these day. I like to refer to her as ‘the boss’ and I often defer to her. Why not? We’re happy so that’s fine with me.

  • When I first met my wife, she was very sexually assertive. I can’t tell you why, but she wanted me.
    Maybe she sensed my submissive side, but in my everyday life I can be very assertive, even aggresive, but sexually, assertive women have always turned me on. She told me, almost immediately, that with men she was always the boss in bed. I told her that I had no problem with that. Let me say, when we met, I was 65 and she was 51. She’s very orgasmic and demands oral gratification on a daily basis. This turns me on.
    From the beginning she told me I was NOT allowed to masturbate, and in the beginning, after I gave her two or three orgasms with my mouth, she would jerk me off. As time went on, I would give her multiple orgasms with my mouth. She would get me aroused, with her hand till I was ready to come, but she would not allow me to release. This progressed till she was having between 10 and 15 orgasms a week and I was having one. I must admit, it was always an earth-shattering orgasm when she slowly jerked-me off. When we started living together, she controlled my orgasms even more. She says that I’m a more eager lover when I do not release, and unfortunately, I have to agree that this is true. We have a very good relationship, and in bed she has remained the boss. Now, I’m only allowed a release once every two weeks (if I’m lucky) while she has orgasms every day (and sometimes more than once) However this sounds to the reader, at my age, I’m having the BEST sex of my life, and hopefully it will continue as it is for the rest of my life.

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