3 Responses to “A Deeper Level of Love In A Female Led Relationship

  • I liked the post because it has occurred to me that if the FLR movement is to be successful it must “come out of the closet.” The more people that see the dynamic of a female in the dominate position to her male spouse or boy friend in public the more people will see it as common place and acceptable. The more that public Female leadership is seen the more society will shift to accept it as normal in the same way Gay relationships have been accepted. It use to be a shock to see two men holding hands in public but not any more. Why should it be shameful or shocking to see a women tell her male to hold her packages or order her male to pay the bill and wait in the car while she does more business with a women colleague. FLR relationships should not be hidden in the home any more.

  • Thankyou for your positive comment, Vince, I agree that serving and obeying the woman in your life should be a natural and beautiful experience for the both of you wherever you happen to be. Both my Lady and I agree, however, that it’s important not to make others feel uncomfortable when the nature of our relationship is being expressed in public. The skill, for us, lies in ensuring that the structure of our relationship doesn’t weaken whilst, at the same time, trying not to draw undue attention to it or making it seem overly unusual. Her wish is expressed and I have honoured it almost before anybody has realised anything has happened. If and when they eventually do, they are often full of admiration, perhaps even a little envious! We often wonder how many of them decide to go home and try it!

  • Wow – this Goddess truly understands Her role in the FLR! She is one out of a million and should absolutely be adored by you! Wow … you are incredibly privileged to be able to worship, serve and sacrifice for such a magnificent self confident and bold Female Goddess.

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