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  • Well said!

    I could not agree with you more.

    No woman, Vanilla, Dominant, FLR or not, wants some strange man emailing her his fantasies.

    It’s disgusting. , pathetic and just sad that this needs to be addressed, but I can certain,y relate to the truth of it.

  • It’s unfortunate that this situation has arisen. I apologise on behalf of males who ought to know better. They need to question their motives, ask themselves whether it’s really a FLR they’re interested in.

    I respect the fact that this is a site run by an empowered woman for other women to discover the beauty of FLRs. I feel privileged to be allowed to visit here, submit articles from time to time and post comments. My agenda, if that’s the word, is not altogether different from my role in our own FLR, serving and supporting my Goddess, insofar as I like to support the Conquer Him community through writing and an occasional (small) donation. I think many of the stories here are beneficial both to women who identify as dominant leaders and the men who long to serve them. The comments are mostly rich and varied, indicative of a sincere interest in making their current or future FLRs viable.

    Perhaps I write too much, considering my submissive nature. I might need some directives here. My wonderful Goddess approves everything I submit but it is only proper that I should offer to cease if Ms. Queenie directs me to or one of the other ladies complains to her. I would certainly comply, perhaps regretfully. I would miss participating in the diversity of thought and philosophy.

    • Hi Frankie.

      I always appreciate your written and monetary contributions to keep this site thriving. In fact, your particular story is needed here and everywhere because it is truly a powerful testament to what women could have if they find the right person. Your understanding of the complexity of women as well as the desire to be guided in love has to be shared with more men as well. Sometimes they just don’t get it, but you do. Please don’t stop sharing. I read all submissions (I receive a lot) and post the most inspiring ones on the site.

  • Hi Queenie,

    I just want to thank you for putting this site together. I have shown my goddess a couple of your videos and it has been a good kick-starter for our explorations of FLR. I think many men are very focused on the femdom porn fantasy, and so they want a woman to ‘do things to them’. I have struggled with this, but this time I am trying to make this about her and not push her. It’s too bad that some men act in a way that discourages you from working on the great content of this site. Your focus on reality instead of femdom fantasy is good, but I guess some men are overly eager to focus on the site’s kink content and then think that you are the answer to all their fantasies.

    Yours site has been inspirational to my goddess and I. I am trying not to push my fantasies and agendas, once a week I will ask my sweetie how I have been serving her and ask for suggestions on how I can improve. If she wants to ask me about my fantasies, I will tell her. But I want the conversation to be about her needs and wants, not mine.

    Best wishes,

    • You are exactly what I hope the men who read this site will transition towards. Thank you for sharing.

  • I am sorry to hear that you are burdened by men who can’t or won’t distinguish between their fantasies and reality. I sense great frustration and even some anger in your post. These men seem to appear on all FLR and Femdom sites and do no good, just harm, to the dynamics in them. I find them to be truly annoying and wish they went elsewhere to live out their fantasies. If you can find a way, please block them…but even that takes work. Your site has real potential to benefit women and men interested in forming an FLR but if they infest your site, they will eventually bring you and your site down. Please know that your efforts are appreciated and I hope that you can find a way to bring the nonsense down to a tolerable level for both you and your followers.

  • Kudos it is all about her. We only benefit from her as she grows as a dominant woman. Thankyou for being open with us about the kinks….

  • I’m a man who reads your website and watches your videos with great interest and have learned so much about the women who want a true FLR. I’m sorry that you receive such disturbing emails from ignorant men, but please find a way to continue. Please don’t stop. Your path is clear to you, please step over the potholes along the way.

  • I don’t know how truthful it is, but I think female led relationships can learn a lot from spotted hyena matriarchy. Supposedly only the most deferential males breed in a spotted hyena hierarchy as the females only accept mates who are the most respectful.

    Women could potential solve domestic violence against women if they only accepted the most deferential males, like spotted hyena queens. Unfortunately, women are still mostly only to alpha males, but it’s passive beta males who are the most likely to want to bend over backwards.

    If more career women adjust their needs, they can mould them more to their liking, buy them a bowflex so they stay attracted to them and maybe we’ll see more boys raised to have the option of being a homemaker to meet the evolving needs of women. Men would make natural child minders because of their protective nature.

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