2 Responses to “Accountability Is Important In a FLR

  • I Mistress of a blog I respect (Woman in Control Blog) commented last year that 95% of the ownership of making a WLM work is hers. What I believe she meant by that is that although he does lots of work on her behalf, it’s her responsibility to engage him – to make him accountable, to remind him of who he his, who she is, and what she expects.
    Although what he does takes more time, she needs to be equally actively engaged. Her engagement need not take as much time but it is necessary.

    Just learned of your blog. Have enjoyed reading what posts I have so far. Keep up the good work.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Like a private in the army, he follows orders and does the work, and like an officer, she gives the orders and assures they are carried out properly or else there are consequences. In a FLR, as in the army, it’s called discipline and training…and it works! .

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