4 Responses to “Actress Zoe Saldana’s Husband Takes Her Last Name

  • I think it’s great. I told my wife of twenty years of marriage that had I known about FLR I would have wanted to take her last name and very proud to do so

    • I believe this should be standard practice in our society.
      I believe when a man gets married he should openly recognize his Wife’s rightful role as the Head of the household, Head of Her husband and family.
      If I am ever fortunate enough to meet Ms. Right, and be taken in marriage to serve as Her husband, I would proudly take Her name and become the lawfully wedded Mr. Her Name, and would hope to live openly and without apology as Ms. and Mr. Her Name.

  • When I first read about this, I thought “you go girl!” Although the thought of my husband taking my last name doesn’t appeal to me, I do think it’s a great way for a man to show just how much he values his wife’s role in his life as the head of their household.

  • There is only one reason why a husband taking his wife’s last name makes people uncomfortable: Tradition. That is why Zoe tried to persuade her husband not to do it.

    I don’t know if Zoe’s marriage is wife-led, but it sounds like it maybe. A wife-led marriage is already contrary to tradition, so one more action like that won’t hurt it 🙂

    One observation though. I’m a believer in female supremacy and matriarchy. I’m also for matrilineal naming. I assume that Saldana ia a man’s name? If so, I’d rather they both changed their last names to Zoe’s mother’s name or grandmother’s name.

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