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  • Hi,

    I’ve just found and initially thought I’d struck gold. Unfortunately, upon reading about what they considered to be the ‘darkside’ of FLR I am deeply offended and disappointed by what amounts to nothing but narrow-minded prejudice and sexual intolerance. I quote:

    ‘humiliation, sissification, extreme bondage, cruelty, and slavery while they abound on-line and [sic] not widely practiced by couples. How could they be? People need jobs, personal relationships, family, we have children, we need self worth and confidence. Think about it, how many time [sic] can someone be brutally whipped without medical/mental consequences, how would a relationship survive when a man’s self-esteem is so low he cannot perform normal tasks at work.’

    I could not believe what I was reading. I could not believe such ignorance from what I hoped may be a supportive community. In answer to their question, these practices are enjoyed by couples around the world.

    AboutFLR’s reasons for thinking that such
    practices will prevent a man from being able to function at work is never explained.
    Neither is why they think practitioners will suffer socially or experience a lack of family cohesion.

    Now I know that your Conquer Him site is not concerned with such ‘Femdom’ practices, and maybe you’re not keen on them. However, I have been deeply impressed by your level of tolerance and understanding with regards to the needs of masochistic males such as myself.

    For example, when I read in ‘Are You Married to a masochist?’ (April 15, 2016) that ‘I gently explain to these women that the masochistic men they are married to have a different way of receiving love’ I was deeply moved by what I consider to be a truly beautiful, uplifting and enlightened perspective. As a masochistic male, such a relationship, such practices, are key to my emotional wellbeing.

    A Female Led Relationship is about so much more than whips, I agree, but ignorance and intolerance the like of which I’ve read on disgusts me. I would not worry about them deleting your account. In future I will stick to and avoid AboutFLR’s ill-informed bigotry.

    Best wishes.

  • I like!!! that aboutflr (women’s ?) view.
    FLR CAN integrate B,SM but it is something else!
    Like male-led-relationships may go further of D/s to SM.

    A lot of masochists unfortunately think FLR is part of SM like 24/7 TPE SM.

    It is not, it is just about women “wearing the pants”, deciding the life of the couple.

    So I am very glad, that side does not focus on kink, SM!

  • About FLR is far too female orientated while hoping the men to pay much more in membership fees. Not to mention their prejudice against porn, they recently did a photo survey and if you can trust the results their members are very influenced by porn and kink!

  • I wish to inform you that is down since last December. If looking for aboutFLR on the internet this article is what appears first on Google. You may be able to capitalize on that!!!!

    AboutFLR was an amazing site if you were new to the subject and looking for information. As they were one of the first sites about FLR on the web they pretty mich got to define how FLR is seen today.

    One of their central ideas was that of levels. On level 1 the woman is merely interested in FLR, while on level 4 she is in full control. „Beyond level 4“ is about applying strict femdom pressure. This system implies that true FLR is BDSM and believes in the ways a kinky man should please his domme.

    I love your take instead, that simply states that her way is all that counts. That FLR is not about controlling HIM but giving HER the ability to make the choices she needs to make, to lead a happy life. His only choice is whether he wants her to be happy or not.

    Thank you for putting the focus where it belongs and for working to realize the full power potential of happy and fulfilled partners under loving and enlightened female guidance.

  • anyone know if that site shut down?

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