6 Responses to “Conquer Him Community Survey Results 2015

  • A small number of women. I wish there were more women interested in FLR lifestyle.

  • Yes, quite disappointing. But women are always reluctant to put themselves in what they might see as a vulnerable position if they share their true feelings too publicly. I do not think these low figures adequately represent the true number of women that consider themselves leaders, even dominant, in most aspects of their lives. Yet they remain reluctant to declare themselves such in an open forum … even anonymously. So sad.

  • Well now I really know that I’m not the only guy feeling the I feel, but I’m curious. to hear the reason why we all come out so late in years? I’m 48?

  • I agree with Ronae: I don’t think it’s an accurate reflection of the true ratio of Female Leaders to male followers in the broader community. For a long while there was a glass ceiling that inhibited many capable women from elevating themselves too far, kept in place by a patriarchal system with a vested interest in keeping them down. That is changing, perhaps not as quickly as we would like it to, but there are visible indications worldwide that more and more strong intelligent women with leadership qualities are finding themselves in positions of meaningful power.

    The fact that more than 60 women responded to the survey I thought was encouraging. It would be an honour to serve them.

    Terry, I’m not sure it’s a case of coming out late in life. Many males have adored, worshipped and served powerful Goddesses since time immemorial, it’s just that it’s a relationship based on love and respect and it doesn’t fly in the face of onlookers. In other words, it goes on without most people even noticing. My Lady and I can be in a room full of people and I can honour one of her polite directives without anybody raising an eyebrow. There’s really nothing to come out to, it’s been going on for years.

    Also, the computer age has enabled FLRs to be placed in a world-wide context. Many more of us are now able to exchange thoughts and philosophies than was previously the case.

  • While interesting, nothing that I wouldn’t expect to see. I concur about more flr stories as they are even more rare than femdom me stories.

  • I would guess there are fewer women responding to FLR interest due in part that fewer women are in positions of business/government authority (even though this is changing) and therefore don’t see themselves in the leadership position regarding relationships. There is a huge change in thinking for women because of the current patriarchal society and social structure that we live in. As this male social structure erodes and more women become leaders of companies, in government and more affluent women will naturally see themselves as leaders (in the way men do now) and they will begin to lead their relationship in line with the current FLR ideas. Perhaps in 10 -15 years a repeat of this poll will show more women interested in FLR than men. Let us hope.

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