3 Responses to “Are You Creating Your Fantasy or Hers?

  • I agree completly. When
    the woman is happy I am
    happy. Her needs always
    come first.

  • I love that you dealt with it this way. Ultimately, you’ve probably done him a huge favour and sent him further along his steep learning curve. Once he recovers from his disappointment he’ll see it and be grateful. My Lady is similarly insistent about having her directives followed faithfully. She allows me a certain degree of creative latitude in some areas but we both feel it is respectful for me to ask before I get too far out of my depth. Her way invariably proves to be right.

    I do want to encourage both women and men to join the Social Community here, it is an excellent way for people who are fascinated with the possibilities of FLRs, regardless of their experience, to get to know one another and discuss the many exciting aspects of FLRs both in a domestic sense and in the wider community. More strong capable Female Leadership is essential for the future of our planet and this is as good a place as any to begin mapping its evolution.

    People are gradually joining the Community and there are positive signs and it will be wonderful when everybody is confident enough to share their thoughts, ideas, philosophies, experiences, misgivings, whatever, about the beauty and inevitability of wise and intelligent Female Leadership. I look forward to hearing from you …

  • Yes, I’ve been wondering about something along these lines. I want a man who will live in Florida/move there with me. It seems that men want a woman in THEIR area! Many women in MLR have left their families and moved cause the man wanted to. So, why, with a shortage of FLR opportunities, shouldn’t it be normal for men to expect to move to and live where she wants? Instead of hoping to only find a compatible woman in their town or expecting HER to move to where he lives. (Which could happen, but being more open to moving where she is or wants sounds more FLR to me)

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