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  • Congratulations on 40 years of being in business, that is quite an accomplishment! I love the name, Daisy Maids, I feel like our house is already a little cleaner just by saying the name! It was interesting to read about your experiences and the gender bias you have encountered, it really causes me to stop and think about my own biases and what I need to do to change them.

    My wife works in a school teaching 7 year olds and she has actually been told by a few of her boy students over the years that they don’t have to do what she says since she is “just a woman.” Clearly this attitude starts at home and is very much evident when she has a conference with parents, neither mom or dad see what the big deal is.

    Your story illustrates how far we’ve come as society and my wife’s experiences show how far we still have to go. Wishing you continued success with your business.

  • Hi – first time responder, my story is slightly different in that my husband has cross dressing tendencies – well actually a lot !

    And he has been my maid for 15 years – dresses as a French maid and is in his own world and loves it. The full works, make up,stockings, heels etc – it’s fun and it beats the hell out of me doing any housework,

    I know it will not be for some and for many it would be taboo – but we have a lot of fun and apart from unlimited massages and a very clean house – he is more respectful than any other man I know. So it takes all sorts – but I would encourage women to be more open to little kinks. It really is fun !!!

  • What a wonderful and inspiring story!

    Do you have a branch in the West Midlands?

  • wonderful congrats wish i could find a service here in Chicagp that i could work for

  • Wonderful.

    I’m so glad the world is changing towards FLR and men are accepted as Maids!

    Thank you very much for your initiative.

  • I live in Hull, i work as a school bus driver and a part time cleaner.
    When cleaning i always wear a tabard and occasionally a tunic.
    When at home i always don a tabard and even wear them to go shopping.
    I would love to meet someone on a FLR long term but am finding it hard.
    Congratulations on having all your staff wearing overalls and tabards.

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