4 Responses to “Are You Afraid to Be Submissive to a Woman?

  • I had all of those fears when i first contemplated asking my Wife to be my Mistress Wife. The fears then transformed into challenges that I wanted to meet, then into challenges i knew i could handle, into the greatest marriage I could imagine.

    The only fear I have now is living a life without Mistress K.

  • Queenie, you advocate that men not let their fears stop them from trying FLR. But there are risks.

    One is total loss of control of the family’s finances. I would assume this is one of the first “rights” that the man sacrifices to his wife. In a perfect world, no big deal – they are a team.

    But what if things go south? Say she turns out to have sadistic tendancies and he is not open to being whipped, cuckhold or feminized? Queenie, you state that if he can’t tolerate it (stabbed in the neck), then he can always leave. Yet this is not so easy if he has no access to their money. Lack of funds is a main reason why abused women stay in their relationship . That is a concrete barrier to leaving.

    Related to this is the cliche that I think is more true than not and particularly applies here: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. You may think you know your spouse. But anyone that is given such power could change, and likely not for the better.

    So there are risks to this lifestyle for men but not do much for women.

    • Loss of control of finances and total domination of the FLR is a man’s fantasy and not likely with a woman who is smart and loving. You are describing femdom relationships. A loving woman in a LOVING female led relationship would not intentionally hurt her partner in any way.

  • I am having a hard time with this concept. I’ve seen many web sites that disturb me in the following manner:
    1) The man loses all control in the bedroom. I don’t mind equal control but I can’t allow zero control. Many sites say a man almost has to use a chastity cage, also a no go with me.
    2) Personal Finances and retirement savings are to be handled by me! She can handle her own. I will not be made to take a humiliating allowance.
    3) No mentioning of the male’s needs. I suffer from not loving myself and low self-esteem also add in diabetes and ED. I need my needs and happiness up there with her. I have to have someone looking out for my needs besides myself. If these are on the back burner a person like me will make them zero (I have a self destruct kinda mentality when I am forgotten)
    4) Many sites say the male is a worthless being and must be fixed while the female is perfect.
    5) I don’t buy into the “Hero Instinct”. My motivation in life comes from leadership and sometimes the only place I have that is at home.
    6) I can not do domestic work as good as a female’s ideal. I can not place myself in a position where I will FAIL.

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