3 Responses to “Feeling Overwhelmed by Your FLR

  • I humbly disagree with this article. A FLR is about the satisfaction of BOTH parties! I being on the submissive side of things now only worship and adore my wife like she is a goddess and do want to treat her as such and make her happy, I also have needs and wants in my life that need to be fullfilled. I DO want direction on what makes her the happiest. I DO want her telling me what to do and following up on her demands and if they are not to her approval holding me accountable for them in some way of punishment. As far as the bdsm stuff, yes we both enjoy that together at times but it is a very small part of the relationship. A FLR in my opinion is a two way street. As long as the subs needs are met the women’s needs are met and vice versa. Again, yes I want to serve my lady as a goddess and make her happy in every way and follow her rules and demands but I also WANT and DESIRE that control from her on a consistent basis! Often times in reading these articles in a lot of ways it tends to make the women sound like selfish domineering women who could care about their partners needs and only want a door mat around to use and only take without giving. I read a quote that I believe to be 100% true! If the sub/slave is NOT getting his needs met you will lose him or her. I understand there are different levels in these types of relationships but they are ALSO about the subs needs to! Anyone who would be in a FLR, Domme/sub relationship however you like to state it and the sub/slave on whatever level you are is not getting their needs met are either very unhappy and afraid to end it for some reason or they are a door mat. In any type of dominant/submissive relationship both parties have wants , needs, and desires and if both sides are not met it cannot be a succesful relationship on any level!!

    • Hi Mark. This is ConquerHim (With Love). If you read our ABOUT PAGE you will see that it BOTH parties needs are important, however, I do not want any Goddesses to feel they have to worry themselves sick trying to meet the kinks of their submissive partners. Kinks are a reward for awesome service and companionship, given out of LOVE and APPRECIATION. The submissive man can not DEMAND his kinks be met. She should be delighted to offer his kinks if he has met her standards. The women I coach know this and know that this type of reciprocity is the basis of the beauty of FLR. I do not encourage complete selfishness, but a Goddess must know what she wants and set a standard for the submissive man to meet. When he pleases her, she pleases him. That is the exchange.

  • I totally agree with Conquerhim. Since you wanted a FLR you should adapt to her way. Isnt this what it is about? Different women, different needs, different personalities. Maybe she prefers to wash the dishes but you’re thinking “I’m the sub, I have to do it”. Maybe she wants you to be aggressive when you have sex. I’d also prefer if she was aggressive towards me, but her wants/needs come first. Men who decide to move into a FLR should already know this. A few men understand what a FLR is.

    In the end discuss it with her but remember to respect her decisions.

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