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  • To the writer of the post. Thanks for sharing. You seemed to focus on two themes – if I understood you correctly. The first had to do with your wife’s take charge attitude with respect to you and your home. Your second had to do with your desire that she more completely embrace accept and share (at least with you) the dominance she obviously holds and has over you. I too am in a similar position with the same desires. Like you, there is an attitude of awe when she takes control and speaks her mind because I know she really is the boss and I am there to serve. But there is also an ache that she state the obvious in words and not only in action. Maybe that desires goes back to a need that I have and she doesn’t. I’m not sure but I can identify with much of what you had to say. Thanks for sharing.
    I’m Hers

  • I too can really relate with your post. This type of FLR ( not the kinky stuff)is like an addiction to me. You have years oxperience and I’m a newcomer. For years my wife and I would clash for power, but she would normally submit to me because our deeply rooted religious raising mandated that the man must be the boss. About three years ago I had a spiritual experience that turned my world upside down. Since that time, I have come to realize that I don’t have to lead and I can submit to her leadership in our relationship. What a joy it has been. We are still learning and growing into the big changes we have made.
    I see my role as a support to her. She is the main breadwinner and manages our finances. I do most of the domestic duties and do what I can do to make her life more pleasurable. We are a team, but she is the captain. It has strengthened our marriage, and I have never been happier. I think about it all the time.
    I too, don’t talk about it to others because I fear they will think I’m weird,but I know it is just becoming more natural and others are sing that she wears the pants. This is not an assault on my masculinity at all. There is still plenty of “manliness ” about me , but I just love serving my goddess and I value her intelligence and wisdom. It may be an addiction, but it’s one that fulfills my life and has no negative side affects. Our world would be a better place if we would quit fighting for power and let women lead.

  • Kudos on this excellent expression of love for your wife. It is rewarding for me to share a likeness with other men and women FLR. The comment is likely a looking glass into our life. What a rush!! So rewarding just love it!!!

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