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  • My wife died of cancer a little over a year ago. So my relationship is not current. My wife was not so much a leader. But, she often decided the family direction. I was often a puppet leader of the family. Should I fill out the survey?

    • Yes. If your flR ended because of a death please do complete the form. Everyone is welcome except for people who have NEVER been in a FLR. I had problems with the last women’s survey. Men were completing it and it was for WOMEN. I had to delete their info and block them from the site. I am only interested in honest responses from people who want me to create something legitimate with my efforts.

  • There were a couple of questions where none of the options applied to our situation. One was ‘Is This Your First FLR?’ We’ve actually both previously been in rather strong FLRs, although not as committed as the one we share now.

    Some others I selected the option that was closest.

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